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May 04 - NEW! Centene has added a dedicated fax number for Safety Net Medical Specialty Drug preauthorization requests. Effective immediately, please fax these requests to 1-855-346-4418. Follow this link and click on the "Request Authorization" tab to access our Medical Specialty Drug list and preauthorization fax forms.

May 03 - NYS is transitioning Medicaid behavioral health services from a fee-for-service system into managed care to create a person-centered service system focused on recovery and on integrating physical and behavioral health. Part of this expansion is the HARP. Attend our training to learn how these changes affect your office or facility!

May 02 - Unclaimed Funds - Money paid for claims or refunded premiums which belong to providers or members. See if you have a check to claim!

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  • Essential Plan for Uninsured Patients
  • New Clear Coverage Preauth Requirement for May 1
  • NYS Transition of Medicaid Behavioral Health Services and HARP