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Frequently Asked Questions

What opportunities are currently available at Excellus BlueCross BlueShield?

To view our current job openings please visit the Career Center.

I submitted my application and need to make changes, what should I do?

Go to the Career Center and login. From there you can make changes to your application and upload a new resume.

I submitted my resume and now need to make changes, what should I do?

You may log into the application system at the Career Center and upload your new resume. Our system does not allow for you to edit or delete your resume.

Can I apply to more than one position at a time?

Yes you can. However, you must complete separate applications for each job posting.

How long will a job posting remain on the website?

We generally post jobs for at least 5 business days, however if we experience a large influx of resumes, we may take the position down sooner. We encourage candidates to apply as soon as a posting becomes available.

What if a position I am interested in not open at the moment? May I submit my resume anyways?

No, unfortunately, our system does not accept resumes without an application for a specific job posting. Please check our website weekly for newly updated positions.

How will I know when my application is complete?

Your application will be complete when you receive the following message on your computer screen. "Thank you <candidate name> for your interest. Your resume has been received and will be reviewed. Should we determine a match between your background and our staffing requirements, we will contact you." If you do not see this message at the end of the application, your application is not be complete and you should check it again.

I submitted my application and resume, how do I know you have received it?

You will receive a confirmation email within 24 business hours after you submit your application.

I received an e-mail saying my application was incomplete, what should I do?

You should go back through your application and make sure all fields are completed, including the assessment questions at the very end of the application.

Will I be notified if the job is filled or if I make it to the next step in the process?

After receiving the confirmation email, you can be sure your application/resume was received. If you are minimally qualified and your qualifications strongly match the job requirements, you may be contacted by a recruiter. Due to high volume of applicants, we will only be contacting those whose qualifications and skills most closely match our needs.