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Focus on the Basics. Low cost, great coverage and no referrals.

We’re excited to introduce our newest health plan, SimplyBlue. It’s a quality health insurance plan at an affordable price. It establishes a new low price for the most price sensitive groups, providing first dollar coverage for routine visits and emergency care alongside catastrophic coverage. 


SimplyBlue offers the convenience of:

  1. No referrals.
  2. Preventive health care including routine exams like mammograms and cancer screenings, well child visits and immunizations.
  3. Prescription drug savings including:
    • $0 generics for kids
    • 90 day supply of generics at a retail location (3 times the copay)
    • Mail order: 2 copays for a 90 day supply
    • Retail: 1 copay for 30 day supply
  4. Blue365.
  5. Worldwide coverage provided through the BlueCard® program.