Blue4U - Health Awareness & Preventive Care Program

Blue4U is a voluntary program (powered by Interactive Health Solutions, Inc., the nation’s premier health and wellness company) to help you learn more about your current health status and how to make improvements to your health and wellness.

Participation in this program involves:
  1. Completing a health profile
  2. Participating in a worksite health evaluation

    A health evaluation is a convenient, comprehensive and confidential state of the art blood screening that is conveniently done at your worksite. Once you complete your evaluation you will have access to:

    • A personalized Health Report: Results of your screening will be mailed directly to you and can even be mailed to your physician by request.
    • Access to private health management website that contains information on symptoms, diseases, treatments, on-line health consultants and more!
    • HealthFocus Courses For Life: Lifestyle coaching courses - One-on-one confidential coaching done over the telephone with a Masters Degreed Health Professional.
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This program may not be available to individual plan members or employer groups. Members can verify if this program is available to them by contacting their employer group benefits administrators.