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Are you 65+ or Medicare eligible?

Financial Assistance Eligibility by Annual Income Level*
Family Size Annual Income Eligibility for Cost Sharing Annual Income Eligibility for Tax Credits**
Single person $23,541 - $29,425 $23,541 - $47,080
Family of two $31,861 - $39,825 $31,861 - $63,720
Family of three $40,181 - $50,225 $40,181 - $80,360
Family of four $48,501 - $60,625 $48,501 - $97,000
Family of five $56,821 - $71,025 $56,821 - $113,640
Family of six $65,141 - $81,425 $65,141 - $130,280

If you qualify for financial assistance, you must apply through the NY State of Health.

* Source: 2015 Federal Income Guidelines: Department of Health and Human Services. Full calculator available at

**Some individuals and families with household incomes below these limits may qualify for a Premium Tax Credit in certain circumstances where Medicaid is unavailable. See the full calculator for more information.

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*ExerciseRewards is not available to members of BlueChoice Option, HMOBlue Option, Child Health Plus or Medicare.

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