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Image Link:  HealthyRewards

With HealthyRewards online incentive program you can earn up to $1,000 per family* each year for doing healthy stuff that fits into your day. Like going out for a run, working around the yard, even taking the stairs.
* $1,000 per family is for each eligible subscriber and adult spouse/domestic partner.
Track your progress online as you earn dividends for doing simple activities such as eating better, exercising more and getting routine check-ups. (1 dividend = 1 dollar) Then cash in your dividends as you earn them and get paid anytime - throughout the year. Getting started is easy.
Image Link:  HealthyRewards
Step 1 Log In
Read and accept a pledge, then complete a personal Wellness Profile (about 15 minutes) to help us design a program that's right for you.
Step 2 Earn dividends
Choose from a variety of health-related programs and activities. Track your progress as you earn dividends. (1 dividend = 1 dollar)
Step 3 Get your rewards
Choose between a reloadable Visa® card, gift card, a variety of health and wellness products or even a cash payment.