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Credentialing & Recredentialing
Credentialing & Recredentialing

We are pleased to participate in the Universal Provider DataSource, a project of the Council for Affordable Quality Healthcare (CAQH). This web-based solution allows you to store and manage your credentialing information online and share it with insurance carriers electronically.

By using this single source, you'll no longer need to complete different credentialing applications for different insurance carriers. Just enter your information once and authorize insurance carriers to access it.

How it Works
  1. Go to the Universal Provider DataSource:
  2. Under Providers, click: 'Go to the Universal Provider Datasource' and login
  3. Enter your CAQH Provider ID (if you don't know it, call CAQH at 1-888-599-1771)
  4. Enter or update your information
  5. Authorize Excellus BlueCross BlueShield to access your information

For more information or to view an online demonstration, visit

Credentialing Policies