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View Our Formulary Guide
View Our Formulary Guide

The cost of prescription drugs varies widely, even for medications that are used to treat the same condition. Our medication guide was developed to help you and your patients select lower cost options that are just as effective, saving them money.

Your patients will save the most money with Tier 1 and Tier 2 medications.

  • Preview Upcoming Changes to Formularies
  • 3-Tier Formulary - Recent ChangesOpen a PDF
  • Medicare Part D Formulary UpdatesOpen a PDF
  • SimplyBlue Plus Formulary - Recent ChangesOpen a PDF
  • Direct Pay Plans: Base, Bronze, Silver, Gold or Platinum and Essential Formulary - Recent ChangesOpen a PDF
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  • 3-Tier FormularyOpen a PDF
  • Finger Lakes Health 4-Tier FormularyOpen a PDF
  • HMO Blue Option/ Blue Choice Option Formulary - Medicaid Managed CareOpen a PDF
  • Blue Option Plus FormularyOpen a PDF
  • Medicare 5-Tier Formulary Open a PDF
  • Simply Blue Plus FormularyOpen a PDF
  • Formulary Guide for Base, Bronze, Silver, Gold, Bassett Gold Select and Platinum PlansOpen a PDF
  • Child Health Plus FormularyOpen a PDF
  • Preferred Value FormularyOpen a PDF
  • National Preferred Formulary (NPF)Open a PDF