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Search Our Pharmacy Directories
Search Our Pharmacy Directories

Select the name or logo for the drug program that appears on your member ID card (be sure to check the front and back of your card):

Image Link: Search the FLRx Pharmacy NetworkFLRx Pharmacy Network
Members with the FLRx logo on their ID card enjoy a nationwide network of over 60,000 pharmacies, including all major pharmacy chains.
  • Find a Local Pharmacy: Find a pharmacy in your neighborhood.
  • Find a Mail Service Pharmacy: Fill prescriptions by mail or online through PrimeMail.
    • Note: Some prescription drug benefits require select medications be purchased through the mail service pharmacy for coverage. Follow this link to view the [Component id="8dd0a0804e8e9dddab1cbfe420b83c88:NC9kZWZhdWx0L2ZpbGUtZ2xvLWZscnggbWFpbnRlbmFuY2UgbWVkaWNhdGlvbiBsaXN0IHBkZg==" name="default/file-glo-flrx maintenance medication list pdf" start="<a href="" end="" onclick="popup(this);return false;" target="_blank">List of Medications Required to be Purchased through Mail Service</a>"] (PDF).
  • Find a Specialty Pharmacy: Fill specialty medications using our FLRx Specialty Pharmacy Network.