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Behavioral Health
Behavioral Health

Here you'll find information and tools to support mental health and chemical dependency treatment.

  • About Our Team
    Learn about our Behavioral Health Department.
  • Care Coordination
    Read about our utilization management processes and procedures for mental health and chemical dependency.
  • Case Management
    Learn about our Benefit and Member Management Programs.
  • Clinical Guidelines & Policies
    Keep informed about guidelines and polices pertaining to Behavioral Health care.
  • Find a Behavioral Health Provider
    Links to Behavioral Health Providers and Treatment Facilities.
  • Precertifying Behavioral Health Services
    Learn about Precertifying Behavioral Health Services.
  • Provider Manual
    Refer to the Behavioral Health section (Chapter 6) of our provider manuals.
  • Quality Management
    Learn about our Behavioral Health quality management program and policies.
  • Rx Information for Psychiatrists
    Link to information on prescribing and clinical consideration.
  • Specialty Programs
    The Behavioral Health Department has developed several programs to assist in the treatment of members with certain Behavioral Health needs. Due to the nature of these programs, some programs might not be available in all of our Health Plan regions. These programs include:
    • Child and Adolescent Psychiatry Phone Consultation Service
    • First Episode Augmented Treatment (FEAT)
    • Demand Treatment
    • Coordinated Care for the Treatment of Eating Disorders
    • Follow Up Post Hospitalization Program
    • Dedicated Case Management Staff
    • Depression Disease Management
    • Continuity of Care Initiative
  • Tools & Resources
    Here you'll find treatment record templates, screening tools and other resources.