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Managing Illness
Total Health Management
Our health management programs provide interventions and educational materials to maximize quality of life for members with conditions that can be significantly improved through self-care efforts. Our Member Care Management team is on hand to help members understand their conditions, inform them about treatment options when available and encourage treatment plan adherence. We provide programs for preventive health, chronic conditions, complex conditions and special programs. There are no additional fees to members or providers for participation in these programs.

Chronic Care Management

Care for members with long lasting or recurrent conditions
Our chronic care management programs offer your patients the opportunity to work directly with a nurse care manager. The goal is to develop a partnership between the member, the nurse case manager and the member’s physician, in order to maximize the member’s ability to control his or her chronic condition. Call our Member Care Management Team at 1-800-860-2619 or click on the area you would like more information about:
Behavioral Health
  • CAD Booklet (PDF)
  • Asthma Fact Sheet (PDF)

Complex Care Management

Care for members with potentially catastrophic illness
Our complex care management programs have been developed to assist patients with particular health conditions that require a greater intensity of management. Examples include cancer, HIV, Stroke, chronic pain, traumatic injuries and transplants. Call our Member Care Management Team at 1-800-860-2619 or click on the area you would like more information about:

Special Programs

Healthy Baby, Back Pain and Specialty Care Navigator
Our special programs provide your patients with helpful information on topics such as pregnancy, infant care and back pain. Call our Member Care Management Team at 1-800-860-2619 or click on the area you would like more information about:

Health Coaching

Chronic condition support and a symptom-management line accessible 24 hours a day every day. Your patients can contact our Health Coaching line at 1-800-348-9786.

Palliative Care

Palliative care is a type of care for people who have illnesses that do not go away and often get worse with time. The goal of palliative care is to improve quality of life - not just in the body, but also in the mind and spirit. Many people combine palliative care with other types of treatment.
Palliative care can help manage symptoms, pain, or side effects from treatment. It can help people cope with their feelings about living with a chronic illness. It may even help with planning for future health and medical care.
In the past, palliative care was mostly used to treat people receiving hospice care. Today, this type of care can help anyone who has an illness or disease that cannot be cured. More and more health professionals are using palliative care, and many are specially trained to provide it.
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