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Earning Dividends

Earn up to $1,000 per family* each year by completing specific activities in a variety of programs covering Fitness & Nutrition, Living Healthy, Preventive Health, Managing Health Conditions, using Health Tools & Resources and Quitting Tobacco. You choose the programs that best meet your goals and earn valuable dividends (each dividend earned is equal to $1).

For example, if you struggle with diet, we offer fitness and nutrition programs. If you are a smoker, we can help you quit. It's up to you.

*$1,000 per family is for each subscriber and adult spouse/domestic partner.

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Earning Dividends

Fitness and Nutrition
Select one or more of our six programs: My Diary, Step Up, Fitness Tracker, Nutrition Tracker, Personal Trainer, or Food Planner. Earn up to 405 dividends.

  • Earn 75 dividends for completing an initial 8-week program
    (You must report at least 24 days of activity during the 8 weeks)
  • Earn 15 dividends for completing each additional 2-week program
    (You must report at least 6 days of activity during the 2 weeks)

Image: Compare our Fitness and Nutrition Programs

Earning Dividends

Living Healthy
The Living Healthy programs are designed to help you cope with life's challenges and improve your well being. Earn up to 30 dividends by choosing from a variety of programs ranging from stress management and self improvement to financial discipline and spiritual healing. Each program is 6-weeks in length.

  • Earn 10 dividends for completing a 6-week program (Complete up to three programs to earn a maximum of 30 dividends)

Image: Living Healthy

Earning Dividends

Preventive Health program
The Preventive Health program is designed to help you identify and complete routine preventive health activities. Earn up to 45 dividends by following recommendations for health screenings, routine exams, mammogram, pap test, and prostate cancer screening and for advance care planning.

  • Earn 25 dividends for completing age & gender recommendations
  • Earn 20 dividends for completing your advance care directives. (a Health Proxy)

Image: Preventive Health

Earning Dividends

Managing Health Conditions
The Managing Health Conditions program is designed to help you become more aware of, and more active in, managing your chronic health conditions. Earn 40 dividends by following a treatment plan for a chronic health condition such as Asthma, Coronary Artery Disease (CAD), Diabetes, or Hypertension. Health Coaches are available to answer questions and help you manage your care.

  •  Earn 40 dividends by completing all the activities listed (Based on your Wellness profile

Image: Managing Health Conditions

Earning Dividends

Health Tools and Resources program
The Health Tools and Resources program is designed to help you learn how to save on health care and live healthier. Earn up to 10 dividends by researching health topics, taking health quizzes, for using a prescription drug calculator that estimates generic drug savings, and more.

  •  Earn 1 dividend a day for using an online health tool or resource (Earn a maximum of 10 dividends)

Image: Health Tools

Earning Dividends

Quit Tobacco
Our Smoking Cessation program offers one-on-one coaching from highly-trained Quit Coaches, Quit Guides to help you stay on track and FREE nicotine replacement products. Earn 40 dividends by participating in our smoking cessation program. Non-smokers earn dividends just for being healthy.

  • Earn 10 dividends for enrolling in our Smoking Cessation program and setting a Quit Date
  • Earn 30 dividends for completing 5 calls to a Quit Coach
  •                                             OR
  • Earn 40 dividends for being a Non-smoker (based on your Wellness Profile)

Image: Quit Tobacco