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Health Insurance for Sole Proprietors

Are you self-employed, an independent contractor or a freelancer? We have high quality coverage for sole proprietors so you can continue to focus on running your own business. Choose from a variety of plans including bronze, silver, gold or platinum.

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Small Business Health Plans

(Up to 100 eligible employees)

Deciding what type of health care coverage your employees need is important to you. With our Blue on Demand plan comparison tool we can help you find the right coverage for your employees and your business. Shop and compare medical plans, view plan rates and print forms and information you’ll need to enroll your staff.

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Medium & Large Business Health Plans

(More than 100 eligible employees)

Your business relies on hundreds or even thousands of people. Every one unique. Our business is to make sure they all get the right care at the right cost.

How? By synchronizing care. We surround each member with the monitoring support and reminders they need. Even better, we use our data and yours to recommend specific programs, improvements, and savings opportunities. With clinical and administrative offerings—including medical, pharmacy, dental, wellness, stop loss insurance and administrative services—working together, care can be better and savings can be bigger.

Discover how our flexible and innovative plans, wellness opportunities, exceptional coverage and proactive care can help keep your team healthy and costs under control.

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