Component Title: GLO-Prospects-Managing Conditions-Chronic Complex Condition

Chronic & Complex Conditions


No one should have to face managing their conditions alone. If you or a family member are dealing with an existing chronic condition (e.g. asthma, diabetes or depression) or a complex chronic condition (e.g. HIV, cancer, stroke, spinal cord injury), we have resources to help you to better manage and understand your condition.

Manage Your Conditions

Component Title: GLO-Prospects-Managing Conditions-Care Management with Wellframe

Care Management with Wellframe


Members can connect with a nurse right from their smartphone or tablet.

Component Title: GLO-Prospects-Managing Conditions-Mental Health & Substance Use

Mental Health & Substance Use

In addition to plan coverage for treatment of mental health and/or substance issues, we also have online tools (in partnership with New York State) that will help you to determine risk levels and the appropriate level of care for at-risk individuals. Support is there for you and your family with our network of mental health and substance use providers.

Treatment and support options