All of our plans offer access to top-quality doctors and hospitals, plus free coverage for preventive care. Free. And we mean it. These services are covered from day one and are offered by doctors and providers within your plan's network.

Most Common FREE Preventive Services

  •   Annual Routine Checkup*
  •   Cholesterol Screening
  •   Colonoscopy Screening
  •   Diabetes Screening
  •   Contraceptive Methods & Counseling
  •   Immunizations
  •   Mammography Screening
  •   Prostate Testing
  •   Well-Child Visit*
  •   Well-Woman Visit*

Prioritize your preventive care plan of action with our Preventive Care Checklists. These checklists make it easier to keep the most essential screenings and doctor visits top of mind.

A well visit or preventive service can sometimes turn into a “sick visit”, in which out-of-pocket expenses for deductible, copay and/or coinsurance may apply. There may also be other services performed in conjunction with the above preventive care services that might be subject to deductible, copay and/or coinsurance.

* Does not include procedures, injections, diagnostic services, laboratory and X-ray services, or any other services not billed as preventive services.

  • Anemia screening on a routine basis
  • Breastfeeding comprehensive support and counseling from trained providers, and access to breastfeeding supplies, for pregnant and nursing women
  • Contraception: Food and Drug Administration-approved contraceptive methods, sterilization procedures, and patient education and counseling, as prescribed by a health care provider for women with reproductive capacity (not including abortifacient drugs). This does not apply to health plans sponsored by certain exempt “religious employers.” 
  • Counseling interventions for pregnant and postpartum persons who are at increased risk of perinatal depression
  • Expanded tobacco intervention and counseling for pregnant tobacco users
  • Folic acid supplements for women who may become pregnant
  • Gestational diabetes screening for women 24 to 28 weeks pregnant and those at high risk of developing gestational diabetes
  • Gonorrhea screening for all women at higher risk
  • Hepatitis B virus infection in pregnant women at their first prenatal visit and in persons at high risk for infection. In addition, vaccination and HBIG for:
    • Infants born to women whose HBsAg status is unknown, but where evidence suggests HBsAg-positive status, within 12 hours of birth.
    • Medically stable newborns born to HBsAg negative mothers weighing at least 2,000 grams within 24 hours of birth, as well as vaccination of previously unvaccinated children and adolescents. As well as post-vaccination testing and revaccination if necessary.
    • Plans must also now cover a single-dose revaccination for infants born to HBsAg-positive women who are not responding to the initial series & Adults and Adolescents.
    • In addition to covering vaccines for people at risk for Hepatitis B, Plans will now be required to cover vaccination of people with chronic liver disease.
  • Preeclampsia prevention and screening for pregnant women with high blood pressure
  • Rh incompatibility screening for all pregnant women and follow-up testing for women at higher risk
  • Syphilis screening
  • Urinary tract or other infection screening

Other covered preventive services for women