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  3. Because medical questions don’t keep a
    9 to 5 schedule.

    Sometimes you just need a quick answer to a health question, but not immediate medical treatment or a doctor visit. Our nurses are available 24/7. Add the number to your phone, 1-800-348-9786.

    Telemedicine powered by MDLIVE - See a U.S. board-certified doctor by phone or video on your schedule, anytime, anywhere, including from your own home or on the road for non-emergency medical conditions.

  4. Making you an offer you can’t refuse.

    How about $0 health screenings, flu shots, other immunizations, and more! See the complete list of FREE preventive care — and be sure to take advantage this year and every year.

  5. It’s called “urgent” care for a reason.

    Don’t wait until you really need one to search for an urgent care center. Save valuable time by adding the nearest urgent care center to your cell phone contacts today.

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    Pay your bill online — it’s fast, easy and one less thing you have to think about every month.

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  9. Is staying in shape putting a hurt on your wallet?

    Don’t sweat it — get help paying for your gym membership or fitness classes. Check your coverage to see if you’re eligible for ExerciseRewards™.

  10. Coverage that travels with you.

    Review your coverage BEFORE travelling out of the area. Most of our plans provide BlueCard® Coverage that travels with you. But it’s a good idea to check your specific plan for details.

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