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Excellus BlueEPO
Excellus BlueEPO
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Comprehensive Benefits
Excellus BlueEPO is an Exclusive Provider Organization. It is a health plan that provides benefits from an established network of hospitals, physicians and other health care providers at a discounted rate.

As a Excellus BlueEPO member, you will enjoy the convenience of:

  • No primary care physicians or referrals
  • Well child care, mammography screenings, allergy treatment and annual pelvic exams covered in full
  • Office visits, chiropractic care, second opinions and annual routine physicals with a small copayment

Quality Network and Worldwide Coverage
The BlueCard network provides worldwide coverage through one of the largest provider networks in the nation. Imagine your employees can receive the same benefits wherever they are in the country as they receive when they are at home without having to submit any claims. Through the BlueCard® program, your employees can access a participating provider anywhere in the country. With more than 85% of all providers participating, chances are they can find a doctor wherever they may be. No other health plan can compare!

Extra Value with our BlueCross BlueShield ID Card
Any Excellus BlueEPO member can take advantage of our health and wellness discounts. Special discounts and reduced prices are available on many services that contribute to a member's healthy lifestyle.

Access to your membership information is just a click away. No more paperwork for those routine changes. You can make changes including phone number updates, adding dependents and ordering materials all through our Web site.

For more information, contact your sales consultant or broker.