Save Money with Generics

The cost of prescription drugs has skyrocketed - and continues to rise. These costs affect everyone - whether you are currently taking a prescription drug or not. But there is something you can do about it: choose a generic over a brand name drug. Generic drugs are safe, effective, and approved by the FDA. They just cost you less. A lot less.

Ask Your Doctor or Pharmacist if Generic Drugs are Right for You

When you need a prescription, you may be able to cut down on your health care costs by asking your doctor if there is a generic instead of a brand medication that will treat your condition. Most generic medications are one-quarter the cost of their brand counterparts. Generic drugs lower your prescription costs without sacrificing quality. Today, approximately one-half of all prescriptions in the U.S. are filled with generic drugs. Generics are safe, effective – and they’re FDA approved!

FDA Requirements are the Same for Brand and Generic Drugs

FDA Requirement Brand Generic
FDA reviews data showing the drug has the same effect on the body, usually identical in chemical structure to the one originally used in testing safety and effectiveness.
FDA evaluates good manufacturing practices before the drug is marketed.
FDA reviews active and inactive ingredients used in the development of the drug before it is marketed.
FDA reviews actual drug product.
Manufacturer needs FDA approval before making major manufacturing changes or changes to the drug ingredients or make-up.
Manufacturer must report adverse reactions (side effects) and serious health effects to FDA.
FDA periodically inspects manufacturing plants.
FDA monitors drug quality after approval.

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