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Estimate Your Treatment Costs

Managing the quality and cost of your health care is important. Our online treatment cost estimator makes it easy. You'll get easy-to-understand estimates based on your current benefit plan and cost sharing amounts.


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Estimate Healthcare Costs Tool

Important Note: While this tool will estimate your out-of-pocket costs for most services, it may not reflect annual limits that exist for certain benefits (such as the number of physical therapy visits your policy covers), coverage that varies by age (most policies provide full coverage for preventive care for kids), procedures covered as part of another service (such as eye exams covered in conjunction with surgery), plans with out-of-pocket maximums on specific services ($750 maximum on Inpatient Services only), the type of provider (facility or physician) who provides care, or the provider's participation in a preferred network (which may cost you less). Please review your Benefits & Coverage for more information.