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Quantity Limits

Safety is Our Priority
New medications and new drug information come to the market at an astounding pace. Additionally, a record number of drugs have been taken off the market because of safety issues that were identified after marketing.

In order to help assure our members have access to safe, effective drug therapy and to protect against inappropriate use and waste, we require quantity limits on selected prescription medications.

Quantity Limits
For certain drugs, we limit the amount of the drug that we will cover. For example, we provide 30 tablets per prescription for Zocor.

Drugs that have quantity limits are indicated on our drug list. Follow this link to search our online drug list to find out if a quantity limit applies to your medication or view our list of drugs with quantity limits.

For patients who require higher doses for medical purposes, an exception process is in place. Your doctor must complete the exception process demonstrating that you meet medical criteria. Information on the exception process is available by calling customer service.

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