Stay Healthy at Every Age

You can practice healthy behaviors, take medicines as prescribed, and get certain screenings and tests.

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Immunizations are recommended at all stages of life. Find out more about specific immunizations or when you or your family should be immunized.

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Lead is a heavy metal that can harm children and adults. Children 6 years and younger are most at risk because their bodies are still developing. The New York State Department of Health requires routine blood tests to check for lead poisoning.

General Information New York State Requirements

Find out more about HIV and AIDS or to find a testing location in New York State.

General Information New York State Department of Health

Find important information for women who are thinking about or who might be pregnant. Learn what you should do before you become pregnant, what to expect while you are pregnant, and routine care after you deliver.

Preparing for Pregnancy Pregnancy Overview Labor, Delivery and After the Baby

These are fun and easy, health and fitness tools to help you make simple changes that can improve your health, including calculators and trackers to help you stay on target.

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Find helpful information on common health topics such as allergies, back pain, healthy eating and more.

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Find charts to track your blood pressure, immunization records, and tools to make the most of your doctor appointment and more.

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