Health Plan Options for Small Businesses

With SimplyBlue Plus, you’ll find the coverage that’s right for your business and your employees. All our plans meet the requirements of the Affordable Care Act with essential health benefits and offer:

  • the largest provider network
  • no referrals
  • zero cost preventive care
  • up to $600 for fitness facility memberships with ExerciseRewards
  • exclusive discounts with Blue365
  • online tools to help you manage your plan

Plan Types & Cost Sharing
Member cost sharing varies by Metal Levels.


We have a variety of plan types in each metal level. Learn how SimplyBlue Plus can deliver more for your business. 

Learn the difference between Copay, Coinsurance & Deductible

  Copay Hybrid Deductible

We also offer ACA compliant Pediatric Dental coverage built right into your plan

Additional Coverage Options:

Alternative Coverage Option:

Part of the Affordable Care Act is intended to improve dental coverage for children, including preventive, routine, and some major dental coverage. Enrollees who purchase medical coverage outside of the NY State of Health Marketplace are required to purchase a medical plan with pediatric dental coverage included or a qualified standalone plan. By purchasing a medical plan with dental included, you can be sure children will receive comprehensive coverage overseen by our staff of medical management experts and both medical and pediatric dental services will count towards your out of pocket maximums.

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